Vuse Go: Less Harmful Alternative*

Our approach to crafting distinct and high quality vaping flavors is meticulous, tailoring each eLiquid to its corresponding Vuse device. This ensures a seamless flow of eLiquid and consistent vapor quality throughout your vaping session.


Disclaimer: *This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance. Comparison of smoke from a scientific standard reference cigarette (approximately 9 mg tar) and emissions from Vuse, in terms of the average of the 9 harmful components the World Health Organization recommends to reduce in cigarette smoke.


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Discover Quality with Vuse E-liquids

When considering a switch to Vuse, you might have legitimate worries about vaping, influenced by online discussions and media reports about various vaping products.

We aim to equip you with factual information to address your concerns and help you make a well-informed choice about vaping, because for us at Vuse Kuwait, the caliber of your vaping experience is crucial.

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Vuse introduces its vapour range in Pakistan with pre-filled and ready to use disposable vapes designed for on the go moments. Enjoy our flavours in two different sizes with Vuse Go providing up to 700* puffs at 34mg/ml, and Vuse Go Max providing up to 1500* puffs per device for extended use. 

*Based on laboratory testing of newly manufactured product and may vary depending on individuals' usage behaviour.